lunes, 21 de enero de 2013

To discover a writter...

 Federico Moccia was born in Italy, Rome a November 11, 1963. Today is known for his first novel reached theaters in Spain and almost everyone. He was a writer of television programs. When finished writing his first novel, wants to publish any editorials. Ignoring that Frederico would become one of the best romantic authors throughout Rome. Realising up almost Federico receives the proposed Metro Publisher to publish his first novel. Tre metri sopra il cielo, 1992 (Three meters above the sky). Impressed by the welcome given to youth culture Federico novel continuous writing the second part of this. Ho voglia di te, 2006 (I have wanted to you). The first novel comes to the screen by an Italian production. Then a Spanish company reaches Federicco afford you a movie that can be transmitted worldwide.I chose this author to talk because I have loved this author since he published his first novel. I met him before his novels arrive in Mexico by an aunt who traveled to Italy this novel is full of popular and knowing that I loved reading brought me as a gift. Since then I have continued to Frederico as one of my favorite authors.

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