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On these blog you can see basics about biotechnology. It make you a brief description about basic concepts about DNA or technology used with basic of nutrition and living things.

These blog has examples of persons and discoveries they had made with biotech. Biotechnology description and a future they see on these science is that they can actually to find the cure for cancer. On these carer  technology is also used such as science.

On these blog is briefly describe different branches of biotechnology. Also they are ordered from the most popular to the least. These can be such a doctor or nutrition. Biotechnology have a variety of branches from the ones you can chose a carer. 

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Of Mice and Men

I think that we read book like these because it teach us how persons are and how they act. On these types of books we read that the main characters are best friends. We learn of best friends and relationships. And we also learn how relationships affect decisions and how that can lead you to a complete different situation. Relationships are important in life because are the ones that make you who you are. Persons read books like a hobby, or some of them only because they are asked to. I personally read books because I enjoy reading, it transport you to a complete different world. Maybe the world you are being transport too, you like it more than your own reality. 

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“Every time you meet someone change your life, whether you like it or not, we have met. I have entered your life and you in mine.” –Federico Moccia (Tonight tell me you love me).
Love, passions and friends are around a teenager life, but are not easy to find someone that understands and express the same way as you. Federico Moccia has been my favorite author from the lasted years. I had now that Federico was an Italian author, but I want to discover what´s behind the letters written on the novels. Each word that he writes expresses a make you feel that you had been transported to a different place and time. The first time that I had heard about Moccia was at the age of 13, my father is a passionate reader and he always like to search for new authors and that´s how he found Federico. I read as a hobby to relax myself and enjoy for while. Once I start reading me can´t stop, I could read 3 hours straight and don´t even look at the clock once. During the research process I discover a lot of new things that I am happy I know now. First, I look through Google and that was my base. Later, I had started to enter to Moccia´s world. On the school library browser I found about a bridge that is very important on one of Federico´s story. I had enjoyed looking through the web for my favorite author, and I am happy that I could make this. I hope you enjoy Moccia´s world has I do, and welcome is Moccia´s time.  "Federicco Moccia."
“There is not end, there is not beginning. There is only the passion of life.” –Federico Moccia.
Federico Moccia was born In Rome, Italy on November 10, 1963.The Italian author Federico Moccia, who in addition to creating successful literary work, was a film director, set designer and writer of several television programs. Moccia´s work is direct and simple, Ranging from his rebellious teenage concerns and aspirations. The youth culture has influenced the aesthetics of Moccia´s novels and several of the situations he describes in his novels have gone among youth. He began working in the art world of literature and has become a real reference point for generations of readers, which are reflected in authenticity of his story. His debut as novelist came in 1992 with the release of “Three Meters above the sky” (Tre metri sopra Il cielo). Federico has become the major Italian publishing phenomenon at recent years, with more than three million books sold, and he has achieved great international success with his first three novels. Moccia is the author of “Three meters above sky”, “I have Wanted You”, and “Sorry, If I call You Love”. All has been the film version in Italy. "Federico Moccia Poemas Del Alma." 

“I´m happy I´ve never felt so good, what about you? - Me? – Step hugs her tightly. I wonder. –To the point of touching the sky with a finger? –No, not like that. –Oh no? –Much more. At least Three meters above sky.” –Federico Moccia (Three meters above sky).
In Rome, as in any other city in the world, young people want to fly, looking for walking "three meters above the sky". Girls like Babi strive in their studies, speak the last word in fashion and prepare to find the love of their lives, children as Step prefer the speed, violence, risk and the camaraderie of the bands, but they all engage in life as if each second were the last. They belong to different worlds, they want different things but they have something in common: the love that will float and hold them, love them and will be changed: they will become wilder; them soft. While down there, real life and claim them. A book that captures both the young and the thirty something’s who still remember the magic of sixteen. “Three Meters Above The Sky”. Was written by Federico on 1992, but published till 2008. His First novel was rejected by all the publishers who sent in 1992. Federico decided to publish his first novel by his own count and decided to get 2 million copies on the market, which were sold quickly. He had such a succeed that an editorial offer to send the book to fame. Moccia not only sold over three million copies but has also managed to bring their stories awake interest on the world of cinema. After eight years, a photocopied copy of his work fell into the hands of a filmmaker who is interested in bringing his story to big screen. It was then in 2004 a large Italian publisher opted for the reissue of the work. The novel was made into a film in 2004, and following work of Moccia. And “I have wanted you” in 2006. Some months later, the author would extend its successful literary work with “Sorry, If I call you love” whose sequel “Sorry, but I want to marry you” has also made into film.  "Juvenil Romántica: FEDERICO MOCCIA (Biografía)."
Federico lasted works had been “Looking for Nikki” what is also a sequel to “Sorry, If I call you love”. “The walk” that was written after his father death, so is a story with more feeling than others. “Amore 14” and “This night tell me you love me” had been the most resent novels. From these list only “Sorry, If I call you love” had made into film, but “This night tell me you love me” had plans to start filming next year. "MundoMoccia." 

“Money is everywhere but so is poetry. What we lack are the poets.”
 – Federico Moccia
It is one of the most amazing phenomena editorials lately. His four novels have become indisputable reference for young audiences, which was reflected in the stories and felt its authenticity. The “Phenomenon Moccia” has begun: millions of young Italians imitated the characters of his second novel “I have wanted you” and hang on the Port Milvio Bridge, padlocks with their names. They are so many that the structure of the third century has begun to resist as endangered by the weight of the locks of love. Five- star hotel “Rome Cavalieri” is offering guest an opportunity to take part in the ritual, which was originally inspired by the bestseller author, Federico Moccia in 2006. Most suitors seek a key to their love one´s heart, but couples in Rome take the opposite approach. As a declaration of eternal love, they attack a padlock to a railing on the bridge in Rome. Rome has already “Road Moccia” quotes from his books are written on the walls of the city. Among the streets of the eternal city of Rome there are many fans that travel the “Road Moccia” recalling the places where the story unfolds on his novels. “Perfect love nest.”
“Remember, dreams and follow my advice: lightness. A smile and everything will see easier.” –Federico Moccia
During these research I had learn lot of things about Federico Moccia, such as his novels and years it had been published. The way Moccia writes I just love it, and he is an amazing writer that expresses his feelings. Moccia has followers all over the world. Let´s enter to Moccia´s world. 

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I chose to talk about this topic because I love reading. Federico Moccia is one of my favorite authors. The way he writes, his books are very descriptive and carries me to the place in history that is usually in Rome. Rome beloved land. Rome is one of my favorite cities, every street has a story to tell or a hidden secret.
During my research I realized that the internet has little information about these author, I feel that all pages have almost the same information. But I was very satisfied with his official website. Is full of information that can be very useful when wanting to know about his life. One story of Frederico has a connection with a bridge named "Porto Milvio" and from these bridge I had started to search on the libraries research page EBSCO. ENSCO was usedful on searching information about the bridge and Rome itself. I hope that with my essay you get to enjoy this author has I do.

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Federico Moccia is an Italian author and his novels had not been translated to english. So most of the references are on spanish or italian. Also for these reason EBSCO has not a research about these author.
Hope you enjoy it.

To discover a writter...

 Federico Moccia was born in Italy, Rome a November 11, 1963. Today is known for his first novel reached theaters in Spain and almost everyone. He was a writer of television programs. When finished writing his first novel, wants to publish any editorials. Ignoring that Frederico would become one of the best romantic authors throughout Rome. Realising up almost Federico receives the proposed Metro Publisher to publish his first novel. Tre metri sopra il cielo, 1992 (Three meters above the sky). Impressed by the welcome given to youth culture Federico novel continuous writing the second part of this. Ho voglia di te, 2006 (I have wanted to you). The first novel comes to the screen by an Italian production. Then a Spanish company reaches Federicco afford you a movie that can be transmitted worldwide.I chose this author to talk because I have loved this author since he published his first novel. I met him before his novels arrive in Mexico by an aunt who traveled to Italy this novel is full of popular and knowing that I loved reading brought me as a gift. Since then I have continued to Frederico as one of my favorite authors.